Captivated By You

These feelings I cherish

These memories I keep

They all have something in common

They all revolve around you

You have never been one of many words

And I haven’t had a problem with that

In fact, they’ve had the opposite affect on me

I cherish them

They are who you are

While some find them odd

And others find it distasteful

I embrace them

In a way—

When our eyes meet

When I am the only who understands

It feels as if the ocean speaks to me

The ocean petrifies me

Yet you know that

But as long as you are by my side

The waves will be nothing but soothing and gentle

I will forever cherish these feelings

These memories I will treasure

So for now

While we still can

Let me be by your side

Because just like the ocean

The future is unpredictable


Nothing but a Dreamer

I have always been known as a dreamer. Love stories have been my weak point.

You know those endings  with the two best friends confessing their love for one another?

I thought that one day that was going to be our ending–our ever after.

But when you brought her over for the first time. Your eyes were telling me everything, and I did not know what to do–how to act.

And when you pulled me aside and whispered, “She’s the one,” I wanted to run but didn’t.

For I knew this was going to be the last time, I embraced you. I looked at your eyes–for they are the windows to our souls–and knew I couldn’t compete.

I smiled, holding my tears, and said, “I’m happy for you.”

This was not going to be my happy ending but hers.

You were not mine to keep but hers.

A part of me wanted to confess and say just how perfect we were for each other.

I didn’t

We haven’t spoken since. I still can’t accept it.

But the day I come to terms with it , I will visit.

I still believe in happy endings and fairy tales.

But for now, there isn’t one written for me.