Precious Memories

Every summer was the same: we had crazy adventures!


We enjoyed our summer breaks together didn’t we? I remember, how on the last days of summer, we would always promise to be together—as friends.


But this summer was different. This was the summer you told me (your eyes red from all that crying you did) that this was our last summer together. Your family was moving.


I was baffled—I couldn’t believe it! But I promised to do everything (no matter how crazy it was) with you and we almost did, but unfortunately for us, it came; the end of summertime.

Today you were leaving.


I headed to my backyard, were the tree house (that we had helped build seven years ago) was. The weather was hot, but nature had mercy; there was a slight breeze today as I made my way up.


As I climbed the final step and glanced inside, I saw you sitting down on the green beanbag we had placed there (along with the red one). You smiled at me.


I grinned in return. “I wasn’t expecting to see you,” I told the truth.


“I’m leaving this evening and wanted to spend some time with you Xavi,” you said.


I stepped inside and flopped myself on the seat next to yours, exhaling in disappointment. “I’m sure going to miss you Sam.”


You nodded, getting a hold of my hand, squeezing it. “Me too,” you said. “Promise to keep in touch?”


“Of course,” I assured you. “You know I will.”


You let go as you sighed; it felt weird not having our hands together. “I’m sure going to miss this tree house,” you said as you looked around, a warm smile adorning your face.


Seeing your smile made me want to stop you from leaving—from going away. I had a mercurial moment. It couldn’t be helped—I didn’t want to let you go.


“Sam, I—”


“Thanks for being strong for me,” you said. “If it had been me…I don’t know what I would have done.”


I couldn’t finish what I wanted to say. It felt as if you didn’t want me to.


“Hey, it’s not like we’re not seeing each other again. Mom said I could visit you next summer,” I told you as I punched your shoulder lightly.


You laughed, placing your other hand on the abused shoulder. “True.”


I chuckled at your answer and soon silence took over.


You looked at the entrance as you said, “Xavi, do you mind if we just look at the sunset together one last time?”


“Of course not!” I said as I pushed our seats together.




We held hands for just a few seconds that had become the most precious. Our past years together, I was going to miss them; all I had left were our remembrances.


You laughed in disappointment. “So many things get left behind; Time, I think, is most unkind,” you said, turning to face me; your eyes looked sad. “I’m going to miss you Xavi.”



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