Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

There’s something about you

I can see it in your eyes

You tend to be grateful and so full of life

And everyday you remind me– It’s great to be alive.


Reach for the Stars!

Reaching for the stars is harder than I though, but it will not stop me from getting there

That Moment in Spring – Reminiscing

Spring means new beginnings

Everyone is always looking forward to it

Yes, spring can be beautiful


But I hate it



The truth is

Spring was

When I first met my first love…

Jack and the Giant – Testimony

The story of Jack and Beanstalk is not about a boy who risks his life in order to provide for his mom financially and live happily ever after.  That’s not it.

That’s. Not. The. Truth

The true story of Jack and the Beanstalk is actually about a mischievous lad who made a quick-witted deal with a drunken magician one night. You see, the magician was supposed to give him regular beans but instead gave him the magic beans.

And— well, we know the rest.

Jack’s mom tosses the beans out the window. The beans magically grow over night. Jack decides to go up the beanstalk. He rescues the Golden Goose, slays the giants, and ta-da! Jack and mom are set for life.

But that’s not the whole truth. It’s not even half the truth!

The giant was a friendly giant. And the magic beans were given out to only those with the purist of hearts. The giant would than come and offer them a golden egg in return of their kindness and friendship.

When the giant met Jack he thought that he too was kind and offered him a golden egg. But one egg was not enough for Jack. Oh, no.

Jack wanted not one but all the eggs!

So what did Jack do? He asked for a glass of water and the giant kindly oblige. He left the goose unattended and went to get Jack a glass of water. Now Jack being the cunning boy that we know he is he quickly snatched the goose and ran for it.

Well, when the giant returned with the glass of water and saw Jack running away with his goose he went after him.

And wouldn’t you have done the same?

I know I would have!

Well, Jack found his way down the beanstalk and quickly ran to grabbed the closest ax and started chopping away. Since no one in the village has ever since him worked this hard before they all gathered around him, and when the giant growled in frustration as he was coming down, the villagers panicked.

It was actually rather funny.

Anyways, the beanstalk was chopped and the giant was killed.

Now I took an oath, which is why I am here today. I was there when it happened and I am no liar. Jack stole the goose and killed the giant and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

~The End~

This was hard to write! I tried writing and rewriting this sooo many times, and it would go beyond 400 words, this is because I wanted to add dialogue. At one point I wanted to just give up, but just creating a story with a word count constrain is actually a great challenge to keep you writing, so I decided to just finish it.

I found this writing challenge (it’s actually a contest) through  heylookawriterfellow.  Now he wrote a very good piece. Read it :). Okay?

Link to the contest:  The March Madness Writing Contest Is Here!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Every St. Patricks Day beer is turn green. But if you ask a Leprechaun, if you can spot one that is, he will probably tell you that the reason they are cheery is because what they are drinking is actually apple cider.