With a Hint of Jealousy

As a Barista, I know it is your job to smile. It is your job to devote your full attention to their needs. No matter how minuscule they may be.

But I can’t stand it.

No matter how many times you reassure me that it’s okay. That it doesn’t mean anything. I can’t help but submit to this hint of jealousy.

But how can’t I?

You’re beautiful and kind. You are a wonderful listener. And that smile! No matter the situation, that smiles makes it seem easier to handle.

But as I look back at you and our eyes meet, I can’t help but feel my cheeks flush.

Because even though they may have your smile, I have your eyes.




Unrequited love

I never knew the meaning behind it

That is, until I met you

And it sucks

Bitter Sweet

You’re not the first person I ever went out with

But you are my first love

Not that you even know that

We were just trying to find ourselves

Nothing but a mere experiment at the time

But those few moments we had

Even if they were in secret

They meant so much

But our paths are yet to cross again

Maybe they never will

And I’ve come to accept it

It’s just so bitter-sweet