Unrequited love

I never knew the meaning behind it

That is, until I met you

And it sucks



Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

There’s something about you

I can see it in your eyes

You tend to be grateful and so full of life

And everyday you remind me– It’s great to be alive.

To Let Go

I had to let you go

For your sake, I stopped myself from being selfish

I knew you needed to find yourself

If that meant going without me than be it

I knew what and where I wanted to go after graduation

Yet you were at a loss

Part of me was disappointed

I just thought that you and I were going to go and find ourselves together

I was wrong

Just don’t lose who you are now

Just know that I’ll be here when you come back

I know I had to let you go

But I will also be here waiting when you come back

To Wait

Good things happen to those who wait

But I never truly believed this

The world is just so much crueler than this

Give me a reason to wait

To believe in such a thing

Yet here I am today–waiting

Waiting for you to acknowledge me

I now have a reason

So do me a favor

Look my way and smile

‘Cause I am willing to wait for you



100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#147

That time of the week again! 🙂

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Well autumn is supposed to be around once September arrives. Here in the UK I get the feeling that the seasons have not quite made their minds up. Summer seems to be keen to hang around for little while longer – thankfully.

The prompt this week is :

… the hips and haws signal …

The link will close on 14th September

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