That feeling you get when you come out of the shower to an extremely jolly four-legged kid of yours who seemed to have been waiting for ages by the door.


Because of You

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

There are many things I plan to do because of you. Most of these things you believe I already do. But the truth is I don’t.

Because of you…

I plan to speak up

Because of you…

I want to help inform others

Because of you…

I want to help you become the best dog I know you are

Because of you…

I will learn to stop hating those that are ignorant

Because of you…

I will not judge a book by its cover

But above all

Because of you…

I will learn to love life

Just like you do

The Blues

The blues is contagious. Worst of all, you don’t even need to be in the same room as the carrier! The main reason for this is that everyone gets it once Monday rolls in.

When You TAP! TAP!


This week’s prompt is: …it was just a sea of faces…


I’ve been practicing for weeks now. I have TAP! TAP! here and have TAP! TAP! there. By now I knew I was going to do great. On Saturdays instead of watching TV after breakfast I go back to  my room to TAP! TAP! And when Dad is taking a nap I usually show Mom my TAP! TAP! moves. Although on one of my first practices I had accidentally startled Dad. All I know is that I’m not doing that again. And now that I am standing here and I begin to TAP! TAP! it was just a sea of faces that I’ll remember.