Mr. Squeaky

Not much has been said about me

To some I am just a toy

But don’t let my appearance fool you because I do bring joy

Sure, my job is pretty exhausting–a little messy even

                    And sometimes I need to remind them to play nice

But one thing is certain and I don’t have to think about it twice

                 And that’s that I love my job

Credit goes to its rightful owner via Pinterest

Credit goes to its rightful owner via Pinterest

**This is for all dog owners who have too deal with their dogs favorite toy and the mess left behind 😉



Night is the only time I have to reflect

While you sleep I toss and turn

It’s when the tears roll down

It’s when I realize  we are no longer in love

Is it out of habit that we still lay down together?

If this is so… it is the worst punishment we have created

I do wish to leave. I know you do too

But we don’t

Out of fear

Out of insecurity

Can we ever have that relationship

The one we thought we had

Are we afraid to fail?

Is this why we don’t move on

So by the time I finally fall asleep

When my anguish has tired me out

This is when you toss and turn

This is when you too wish to break free

And maybe– if luck is on our side

We will be able to break free from each other

But for now we are stranded

***Music Wednesday – Inspiration taken from one song

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It’s the Christmas season

And everyone is jolly-almost

It’s the time to give

And to receive

It’s the time to laugh

And at times cry

But it would definitely make my year if you could vote for my Lulu

You know. She’s a Booger after all.

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Say Christmas!

Say Christmas!


Pritzy was proud

Feeling a little too accomplish

It was after all that time of the year again

The one where she is no longer the center of attention

That one time where she has to fight with a stationary object

How she loathe this time!

But this year she had a plan

It was the best one yet

And she knew that after this she would win

That object would finally admit defeat

Yes, Pritzy had won

She was feeling victorious

All rights go to its owner; found at Pinterest via Sementha Brown

All rights go to its owner; found at Pinterest via Sementha Brown

Young Love

Those memories we built together

Those plans we made

The map we drew of the places we where to visit

The many laughs we share

In a blink of an eye were gone

What exactly happened I truly don’t know

We were young

And maybe a little naive

That connection we had–can’t explain it

It was love. It was pure

It was innocent. It was ours

And that I will cherish forever

Maturity comes with age

But love–

Love is sacred

And as I move on I hope to experience it again

But what we shared I will cherish

**Music Inspired Wednesdays


They say ignorance is bliss

And that once you know the truth you were much happier not knowing

But that’s not always the case

At least not for me

I love my dog and he loves me

He is sweet and caring

A little funny too

A gentle giant, that’s what I call him

But to those that don’t know him–he’s evil

I shouldn’t have him

for heaven sake! What am I, crazy?

The media only shows the negative

And sometimes I do feel lonely

But when I see him smile I know I can’t give in

I know there’s more to him

They say ignorance is bliss

Just not for me

Credit to rightful owner through the  I Love My Pit Bull community

Credit to rightful owner through the I Love My Pit Bull community


It was unexpected, very sudden even

Our eyes met, a connection was made

I can’t explain it–usually you never can

All I know is that she was the one

I knew about her past; her scars will forever be a reminder

But it was okay. We could live with that

In fact wouldn’t it make our bond even stronger?

You see, a connection was made

And I’ll never be able to explain it

All that matters is that a bond was created

Credit goes to its rightful owner. Not mine.

Credit goes to its rightful owner. Not mine.