It was Thanksgiving Day

Martha and Stewart were getting everything ready. It was their first Thanksgiving party after all.  The Turkey was done and so was the pie. Pumpkin pie that is.

Everything was going as plan.

The only problem was that Martha and Steward had two playful kittens. It was their first Thanksgiving too. Everything was new–a little too new for them.


Happy Thanksgiving!


I Wonder…

I wonder how they do it

How they are able to forgive

And able to love

Because if I knew I was not wanted anymore

If I knew I was not love anymore

If I knew I was just an item to some

I would be distorted with rage

Dogs are full of wonders and maybe one day

If that’s the one day my dog will talk

Maybe then I’ll find out

But until that day I’ll just keep wondering

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #11

This week’s prompt!

Julia's Place


I am having to make a decision about whether I continue as a school governor and it is really causing me some grief. I really like the work but…

So, give me some ideas in sorting out my thoughts. The prompt this week is:

…Decisions, decisions, decisions…

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  1. Decisions, decisions, decisions!
  2. Take Two
  3. Alicia Audrey

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I thought I knew what kindness was

But then I welcomed a dog to my family

Turns out I didn’t know anything at all

But Rufus is more than happy to show it to me every day

I Have A Booger

And her name is Lulu.

She’s extremely vocal

But for a mutt…

She is most definitely, absolutely, unbelievably, DELICATE!

This Week’s Publishers Weekly

Is definitely one to read, especially if you are writing (or are considering writing) for children. It has piled up the Best Children Books of 2013 and it’s definitely a great guide. It will definitely help you see what’s in right now and what the audience is looking for.

A definite must!

If you own an iPad you can buy this week’s magazine or just go to their website and subscribe. It’s only $20 a month. I consider this a great resource. Hope it helps!