Despicable Me 2 Script

For those interested on the script. 🙂 Thanks, LA Screenwriter!

LA Screenwriter


The Despicable Me 2 script was written by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio.

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‘I Love Lucy’: CBS to air colorized special in December

I look forward to this! 🙂

FREE Querying Screenwriting Executives 101 Download

Just wanted to let you guys know that if you go to the Scriptmag website link here. You can download tips on querying and loglines. That’s 11 pages of free info! For me loglines are a pain to write and query letters are just daunting so this should be helpful.


Hope this becomes of good use to you all. And if you think this will help someone else remember to pass it on :).


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Should You Write An Animated Spec Script?

Is the title of the article written by  Roger S.H. Schulman over at It’s  a wonderful article to read if you are interested in writing for animation; he talks about the reality of writing for this genre, which we all know isn’t a walk in the park!

But the reason for my post is this: Mr. Schulman is having a webinar on Writing for Animation: The Insider’s Guide to the Art and Craft that will be worth checking out next Wednesday, October 16. That’s next week! Best of all, the Writers Store has this webinar on sale until October 13.

One good thing about this type of webinar is that if you can’t  make the ‘live’ event (like me :() you still get the materials and recording, so it is worth checking out.

Will you be attending? Let me know! 🙂