I Have A Booger

And her name is Lulu.

She’s been shy since she was a pup–since she was rescue.

But now she is three.

No social skills but she’s not aggressive.

A little timid.

Okay. A LOT!

She whines too much.

But because she wants to just  greet other dogs.

Some owner don’t see it that way and skadoodle.

Others take a chance.

It’s frustrating.

We want her to play and take chances.

Most of the time she doesn’t see it that way.

So we did what we had too.

She now goes to day care once a week.

She’s a lot better now.

Okay. A LITTLE better.

But she’s getting there.

I have a booger.

Her name is Lulu.

She has her issues

But I still love her.



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