A Taste of Reality

Hello, all!

Its been a while since my last 100WCGU, meaning I may be more than rusty so please bear with me. By the way, It’s nice to be back. 🙂

For this week’s prompt, Julia decided on … the air was expectant….

The air was expectant; I had finally confessed my feelings.  Usually something great happens afterwards, like a kiss.

I would like a kiss.

I glanced at James. He hasn’t moved but looks at me. Maybe this is it!

James sighs as he brushed his hair with his hand. “Gwen,” he said. “That’s sweet of you to say and I like you too.” He places his hand on my shoulder, a smile gracing his face. “But you’re like my baby sister. You— “

“Oh…I understand.” I said as I avoided eye contact.

The air was expectant; something great should’ve happened, but in my case it was just a taste of reality.


Neil and More

I’m super excited, ladies and gents!

What? My book got picked up?


My script?


But! I just received my copy of Neil Gaiman’s latest book!

My copy. My office.

My copy. My office.

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

I’m a huge fan, have most of his books (excluding comics) and i’ve heard so many good things about this book that I am looking forward to reading it. Hopefully this weekend. AHH!

On a side note, have any of you read, The Graveyard Book? Also by Neil. If you haven’t you should. It’s such a wonderful coming of age story. Rumors have it that they are hoping to make a movie out of it. Of course those are just rumors…

In other news, getting back on the writing wagon is harder than I thought, especially after such a  loooong break. Hey, at least I did started brainstorming as to what my new spec project should be.

One must perfect the craft to get somewhere–wherever that somewhere may be.

I’m thinking of writing a spec for another Pre-K show, review my spec for Martha Speaks (since I want that as a writing sample) and of course continue working on my own pilot.

“ARGH!  That’s a lot of writing, mate.”

But let’s face it. This is what will help me get better.

And of course having a pilot is always a plus!

Any of you have writing goals? Whether it’s for a sitcom, movie, or animated series?


Now I See

Hello there,

I’ve been silent for the past weeks. A whole month maybe? I’ve been thinking about writing yet haven’t written a word down.

No. I’m lying.

I have been jotting a few ideas down. But I just haven’t been active.

However, last month and the beginning of this month, I’ve had some personal experiences.

I got married–an intimate ceremony at that.

My husband and I had a family gathering, a reception really, a few weeks later.

We went to a Josh Groban concert on July 3rd.

We drove to San Francisco on July 4th and had some interesting experiences there; our mini-honeymoon actually.

We tried to foster a dog but it didn’t worked out and our dear Lulu was beyond jealous.

Throughout those weeks I was able to experience many emotions.

See life from  a different perspective.

What I’ve read and watched on TV, I had finally experienced it first hand.

It was a lot in one month but now this has made me wiser as a writer. Now that I write those scenes I can relate with my characters. Those emotions and even doubts that they may experience, I know them.

It was a great few weeks but I’m ready to continue on writing.

I may not have a lot to say for the next few days or weeks but I’m still here and so is my mojo.

I look forward to seeing how my writing has changed. How my view has been molded.

Me being dormant was not a waste of time. It just opened my eyes for the better. It helped me see who I am and who I am capable of being.

My dream of writing animation and children books are still kicking. I just need to work harder.

Until Next Time,