Patience is not always a Virtue

Julia’s prompt  for this week seemed simple enough but I had a hard time coming up with something! A case of writer’s block perhaps? Hope you all enjoy it and feedback is always welcome!

Prompt: …the queue was so long…

Martha has been pacing back and forth for over ten minutes now. “There are only 10 pieces remaining of this beautiful collection. Oh! nine pieces actually,” says the voice coming out of the TV. Martha raises her arms in frustration.

Martha heads over to the TV. “Aren’t they gorgeous? If you look closely you are able to see the intricate details and remember, there are only three remaining as of now.”

Martha hangs up and redials.

“And it has sold out, ladies and gentleman.”

Martha hangs up and throws her phone on the sofa. “UGH!” she says.

Martha’s phone rings, “Hey! No. The queue was so long… it sucks.”


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