Patience is not always a Virtue

Julia’s prompt  for this week seemed simple enough but I had a hard time coming up with something! A case of writer’s block perhaps? Hope you all enjoy it and feedback is always welcome!

Prompt: …the queue was so long…

Martha has been pacing back and forth for over ten minutes now. “There are only 10 pieces remaining of this beautiful collection. Oh! nine pieces actually,” says the voice coming out of the TV. Martha raises her arms in frustration.

Martha heads over to the TV. “Aren’t they gorgeous? If you look closely you are able to see the intricate details and remember, there are only three remaining as of now.”

Martha hangs up and redials.

“And it has sold out, ladies and gentleman.”

Martha hangs up and throws her phone on the sofa. “UGH!” she says.

Martha’s phone rings, “Hey! No. The queue was so long… it sucks.”


Days Eleven and Twelve

For day eleven I focus on writing the beat sheet. Having a completed beat sheet helps a lot during the writing process, the only question I’ve been having is how many beats for a 12 minute episode?

Day twelve, which was done tonight, was all about working on my outline. Luckily I was able to finish it but it seemed extremely short, almost four pages.

I definitely need to do some research on what the length for 12 minutes scripts should be. I want to make sure to I do things right.

Now if any of you have tips on writing 12 minutes animation scripts please let me know :).

Hey, Toon Writer!

As I mentioned in previous posts, being a toon writer is not easy. Being a writer period is not easy!  But speaking from personal experience, I have a greater chance of finding a lot more blogs, fan pages, or even Twitter pages for professional screenwriters who focus on movies or other TV genres.

It’s frustrating!

Which is why I went ahead and asked Amy Roger, who has written for known shows such as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Samurai Jack, My Life as a Teenage Robot, and  The Power Puff Girls to be a guess blogger on my site.

At first I was hesitant, I’m an unknown writer! But when she told me that she would be more than happy I became ecstatic!

I’m doing this because I am hoping this will help me and everyone else out there who wants to focus on writing for animation.

I know I’m not the only one who dreams of writing for animation, am I?

I will keep you updated and will definitely let you know when her post will go live :).

Until then, keep writing!


Days Nine and Ten

During the weekend I was lucky enough to get some writing in. I was able to write my premise and begin playing around with the beats. One thing I can say is that I am becoming a lot more comfortable writing them.

Little steps equal improvements.

Until Next Time!~

Days Seven and Eight

The thing about starting a new project is doing the research, which at times can become tedious, but it is something we all have to do.

For the past few days I’ve been coming up with loglines and watching episodes from a particular show to create my spec. So yes, nothing exciting yet but hey, we all have to do the work.

One thing is certain, I’m looking forward to to when I start the writing process :).

Stay Tune!


The Sacrifices Art Makes

When I saw the picture Julia posted it, it made me think of the below scene. It was definitely fun to write and I hope you guys enjoy it. Feedback is always welcome.

“Jake, I’m telling you man! I’ve been looking forward to this day.” Tommy said as he and Jake entered the museum.

Jake rolled his eyes as he said, “Yes, I know.”

Tommy started taking pictures with his new SLR. “I can’t wait to show you just how great they look!” Tommy said.

Jake glances around disinterested as he replied, “looking forward to it.”

Tommy was so fascinated by the environment  that as he bent down to take a picture of the details he forgot to look behind him, and as the vase crashed, Jake chuckled, “You’re right, Tommy. Museums are fun.”

Day Six

I finished my two specs based on a series I am familiar with, Babar. And now the real work begins–write a spec on a current show.

For day six, I focused on starting my research for my new project. Now, because it will be based on a current children’s series I have to make sure to know the show. Do my research, know the characters, theme, length of episodes, etc. In a way, it’s a time to start tossing ideas around.

The whole point of Don’t Break the Chain is to focus on the projects without derailing and so far I’m not. This call for a “YAY!”

Below is my second spec for Babar.

What do you think?

Personally I believe I should’ve added scenes of the festival; that would’ve given me a lengthier script.

I love feedback so they are more than welcome :).

Stay Tune!