Too Much Of A Good Thing

I’m trying to get my mojo back again so I figure writing on time should help out. I hope you all enjoy! 🙂 Remember, if you want to join please follow this link.

Prompt:  …looking at all of that chocolate…


“Why Mary, these chocolate cupcakes are divine! You have to tell me your secret sometime.” Diane said as she took another bite.

I smiled politely at the compliment and thanked her.

But if you asked me I wouldn’t tell anyone this recipe. Not because it’s some sort of top secret recipe. Gosh no! It’s because I will not be making any pastries for any of my nieces events any time soon!

For now just looking at all of that chocolate is enough for me. They want more. They can always ask their mom.


You Just Can’t Trust The Weather Anymore

It’s nice to be back in the challenge. I’ve been thinking about Julia’s weekly prompts but haven’t been able to participate until now. Thoughts and pointers are always welcome! 🙂


Prompt: …the unseasonal weather meant …


The unseasonal weather meant that you need to be ready for everything. No matter what the weatherman said. Let’s face it, they are not always right–most of the time anyways.

“I can’t believe you decided to bring the umbrella, Nathy.”

“Well, you can’t always be too unprepared.”

“True. But is sunny out!” Sam points to the sky. “Not a single cloud anywhere.”

“Maybe, but the weather has been unpredictable and–”

“Yeah, yeah. Blah, Blah. But not today. Today, it finally makes sen–”

And at that moment as if it wanted to tease Sam it started pouring.

I smiled as I said, “At least one of us won’t get wet today.”