Winter is a White Canvas for a New Beginning

I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it for this week’s prompt. At first I didn’t know what to do with the prompt, so I do hope it flows and makes senses to you as you read it. Please enjoy.

Prompt: …And winter will bring…

“Mom, look! Snow,” Timmy said as he tugged his mother’s sweater for attention.

Mom placed her magazine down on the coffee table and turned to the window.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” she answered.

Timmy grinned from ear to ear as he nodded and said, “Yeah!”

Mom was happy to see him smile again. This was after all their first winter as two.

Moving from California to Maine had been overwhelming for Timmy, but he has been a brave boy. Sure, there are things he still doesn’t understand, but maybe it will be okay, because as his Grammy has said, “And winter will bring joy, Timmy. You’ll see”

And so far it has.


There Are Many Tales But Only One Truth

They say the truth will set you free. But will it really?

The truth varies from party to party. Only those involved know what truly happened.

Yes, I can assume. But this can make an ass out of you and me.

In that case, what can I do then? Those of us who are looking from the outside in can only see one of the truths—the one that was presented to us since the beginning.

And yes, the truth can be tainted once money is involved—it is only part of our human nature.

But this is not about being right or wrong. Or who can do it better.

It may be foolish. I  may even be wrong in believing.

But as long as I can see it, I will consider it as the truth.


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Is Patience a Virtue?

They tell me that patience is virtue. That good things come to those who wait.

That if I act on instinct I’m being unwise for I’m not rational.

If I’m not patient I’m nothing but a fool.

But do tell me, do I just wait patiently until my sanity runs out?

If I’m not allowed to act, even if it’s just slightly, will everything turn out find?

My imagination will take over. The so many “Ifs” will come for a visit.

The answer I seek will be somewhere in all the buffering that has been created.

What I want to hear will not be what I heard. The answer I wanted will not be the one I receive.

Is that then what virtue is?

Or is there a middle-ground that I need to find?

Sleep, what’s in the Word?

I didn’t have time for last week’s prompt, so I’m making it up with this week’s challenge. I hope this makes you at least smile!

Prompt: … I woke with another headache …

I woke with another headache and believe me when I say that it wasn’t because I was drunk.

You see I have this neighbor, and he has the oddest hobbies: playing the violin at night, watching scary movies at night, eating things that give him extremely-loud-flatulence at night. Screaming like a girl at—well you get the point.

Now I have nothing against freedom of choice and expression.

Rock on.

But when our bedrooms are divided by nothing but a white wall, be considerate! What? Yes, yes. Of course I’ve complained, which is why I think he keeps adding to his odd hobbies–at night.

In my Dreams

I saw you in my dreams last night. We locked eyes and you smiled at me.

Those butterflies that I haven’t felt in a very long time came tumbling back.

Those feelings that I thought were gone came back from the death.

I felt alive.

I felt your love.

You motion for me to come and you even mouthed, “please.”

I was scared–frightened.

Like a lost child, I didn’t know what to do.

A gentle breeze passed by me, “go on child,” it whispered.

My feet started moving on their own and I didn’t fight it.

The closer I came to you, the more I trembled.

Was this for real?

Was I finally going to be able to touch you again?

My hopes came rushing in. A shy smile adorned my face.

I felt young again and ran the rest of the way.

I jumped into your arms and told you, “Please! Please don’t leave me again.”

As you caressed my hair you whispered, “be brave.”

I embrace you tighter. I know what’s going to happen again and I don’t want this to end.

Please don’t let this end.

Please don’t take this away from me.


Yet I know that even if I beg it won’t come true.

The same wretched wind that brings us together every night makes an appearance.

Only this time it takes you with her. I try to hold on. I do.

But in the end, I end up where I started and I wonder, will I ever be able to move on without thinking of you?