Haven’t Moved From There

Don’t you just hate it when you start a new project and things happen that don’t really help with the progress of your new project.

I’ve been stuck on page 8 of my new screenplay. Haven’t moved from there.

Is this chaos?

Is this writer’s block?

Or am I just dilly dallying?

Maybe it’s all of the above or maybe not.

With adding to my schedule “taking Lulu to the dog park after work,” it has shifted my writing time and I just need to rearrange everything so I can get back on track.

Don’t you just hate that?

I’m not blaming her for why I haven’t written anything. I just need to adapt.

Gosh darn it!

Writing isn’t easy.

Writing won’t go as plan.

But a writer should be able to adapt.

Here’s to hoping to getting back on track.

Until next time,



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