Just Go With It


Before I begin the writing process to any of my stories I like to outline them first. It helps me see the bigger picture, and I am not jumping from one scene to the next without it making sense. That’s the whole point of outlining. It helps the writer visualize where the story will be going.

Or at least that’s my take on it.

The same thing goes with your characters.

However, and this is important, If unexpected scenes and characters show up in your page let them be.

Just go with it!

They might not have been planned but write them. Don’t let it distraught you.

Just write.

Isn’t that the whole point to writing?

To let your imagination go free and let it take its course.

Having an outline keeps you from getting sidetrack. It doesn’t mean you can’t add or take away.

Just remember that when you’re writing. I know I do.

Until next time,



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