Someone Else’s Problem is Ours to Take

It is not that we are cold-hearted bastards.

It is not that we don’t care.

It is not that we aren’t taking your situation seriously.

It’s just that we are Writers–Screenwriters at that–and we observe everything that’s around us.

And when the “What Ifs” come knocking at our doors, we welcome them with open arms because we have just hit the jackpot.


There were a few situations recently that practically handed me great ides for my next few scripts and I took them.

Embraced them.

There are some events in my life that stand out as scenes and these are the ones I take from. They are the ones that I hope will connect with others and impact their life and way of thinking. At least that’s why I write.

The first times I did them, I would feel bad because I felt that I was benefiting from someone else’s sorrow and pain. What cold-hearted bastard would do that?!

Turns out Writers do.

Not because we are enjoying your pain.

Oh, no.

But the message behind it is what attracted us to your dilemma in the first place.

And when I finally realized why someone’s pain and sorrow called to me, I didn’t feel as bad.

It’s not that I’m enjoying your drama. It’s just that there’s a message their that I want to share with others. Whether it is positive or negative.

Have you felt the same? Or do you see it differently?



It’s A Great Idea! But Hold On To It

The great thing about working on a new project is that this new story will take you in a new adventure where the unexpected happens.

The downside of it is that as your writing your brand new script—additional scenes come to mind, some characters somehow seem to fit new roles, the scenes that looked perfect while creating the outline don’t fit well anymore, and the  list could go on and on. (Say, why is the negative list longer than the positive one?)

But no matter what, do not stop to make these changes! Write them down a sticky note or piece of paper and continue writing the script as you first envisioned it.

Personally that’s what I do.

The great thing about having a Mac is that I have Final Draft and Notes open simultaneously, so when an idea pops up I can note it and write the page number where I think it will fit. This helps me continue with my writing flow without losing what might be a great idea for when I begin the rewriting process.

What I’m trying to say is…

Finish that sucker!

And then feel free to make the changes that you think are needed.

Remember, note down all those delicious ideas. Some will work. Others won’t live to see another day.

But most importantly, no excuses.

Keep writing!


Just Go With It


Before I begin the writing process to any of my stories I like to outline them first. It helps me see the bigger picture, and I am not jumping from one scene to the next without it making sense. That’s the whole point of outlining. It helps the writer visualize where the story will be going.

Or at least that’s my take on it.

The same thing goes with your characters.

However, and this is important, If unexpected scenes and characters show up in your page let them be.

Just go with it!

They might not have been planned but write them. Don’t let it distraught you.

Just write.

Isn’t that the whole point to writing?

To let your imagination go free and let it take its course.

Having an outline keeps you from getting sidetrack. It doesn’t mean you can’t add or take away.

Just remember that when you’re writing. I know I do.

Until next time,


Ode to the Pit Bull

Recently I’ve been reading too many articles both good and bad about Pit Bulls. I have a mixed pit so it does hit home, reason why I decided to write the following piece.

Ode to the Pit Bull

They say I’m vicious. A killer. Maybe even barbaric.

Is it my stand?

My face?

My bark?

But why am I being judge by that anyways?

There’s a saying that’s well known, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”

But when it comes to me, it’s out the window.

Why is that?

I’m loyal—a true companion.

I’m playful and loving.

I just need someone that’s dedicated. Willing to go that extra mile to mold me into the right companion.

But if you won’t be dedicated.

If you won’t take the time to teach me what’s right and wrong.

Don’t take me in.

I want a happy life.

Not a bad reputation.




Credit: To its rightful owner.

Pit Bull:

The term Pit Bull is used in reference to multiple breeds of dogs. Namely, the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and any crosses between the three. [Wiki]


Until next time,


Burning Brightly

I hope Julia keeps on giving us prompts like this one right here. It was fun. :).

Prompt: …together the flames…

Together the flames will dance as one. Passion and fear noticeable— a constant struggle. One flame trying to overcome the other, the weaknesses and strengths, isn’t that what love is?

We fear to love but love to fear. Love is nothing but a struggle, a struggle to keep the flames dancing ever so brightly. Doubts and reassurance, feelings that constantly visit us, no longer strangers.

Yet with all these emotions burning, we know that no matter what, we are there for one another. Our passion and insecurities will come and go.

But our love will be everlasting.

Or so we hope.

Until next time,