I Was So Frightened I Thought My World Had Stopped!

Well, only for a few seconds…

I started reading Jeffrey Scott’s Writing for Animation and as practice we had to write a premise for the idea given by him. I’ve written premises before. I know what goes in one.

But  I haven’t written a premise recently so of course my mind went blank; to the point where I was afraid to write the premise. Let’s face it, I know I’m rusty in that subject.

“Can I even do this?” I had even questioned.

It was official. I had doubted myself. My talent.

I can truthfully say I don’t know what had come over me. I felt helpless.

I remember telling my fiancé that I couldn’t do this. What if I wrote this wrong.

After a few minutes and with the encouragement my fiancé had offered me (which I thought was cute), I decided to just suck it up and write the premise. I realized that I had nothing to fear. This was practice and no one was going to see how terrible the finished piece would be. That was the whole point to this chapter. To practice and make it better.

With my new self-confidence beaming, I wrote it.

Sure it wasn’t as good as the premise written by Mr. Scott but it sure was a good start!

Funny thing.

All night long all I thought about was premises, to the point where I just came up with an idea for a spec script!

Being frustrated and insecure is a terrible feeling but getting something positive out of it can be priceless.

We must believe in ourselves for as writers that’s just the first step. Everything else comes with practice.

Until next time,



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