It Went Something Like This…

Sorry I haven’t been able to update “It Went Something Like This…” for a while. I have no true excuse for redemption so please accept my peace offering. And remember feedback is always welcome!

Don’t Mess with Lottery

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This Week’s Great Finds

I wanted to start this series on Sunday but since I was on vacation I didn’t bring myself to write. I was just relaxing and having fun. We all need time to just clear our minds after all.

Basically every Sunday this post will be filled with links to blogs and articles that I found interesting during the week. There are so many great tips, websites, and writers out there with great insight! I usually don’t share on Twitter articles I read unless I find them worth reading. Of course this doesn’t mean you have to agree with me. In fact what I might consider a great find might not be one to you and that’s fine.

So for the last past week this is what I saw as Great Finds:

“Behind the Lines with DR: I’m a Lying Liar” is a fun piece revolving on the dreaded question, “What do you do?”  I believe we can all relate. Especially when you say, “I’m a writer.” You know more questions will come your way. So if you want a good laugh check it out!

Doug Richardson is the writer to movies like Bad Boys, Hostage, and Money Train to name a few. His blog is not only filled with tips but he writes about his experience writing for Hollywood. If your goal is to be able to a screenwriter, he should be someone you follow.

“Ask the Expert: All About Flashbacks” is an informative piece on how to handle flashbacks. Personally I find flashback hard to write about on a screenplay. Maybe it’s just me…but the methods shared by Dave Trotter are pretty easy to understand. In fact he wrote The Screenwriter’s Bible and I’m considering on purchasing the book. I’ve done my research and its had good reviews. Worth checking out.

Now this piece is great for TV Writers. “What makes a good TV series idea” is, you guessed it, about the TV series idea. He basically tells us that the pilots should be an example of an episode and not the first installment. If you think about it and go over those pilots that have made it and those that have died in the process, you can come to realize that maybe Erik might have a point.

Another great piece on sitcoms. This one piece focuses on tips on how to sell your TV show. “Vanessa Parise on how to sell a TV Show and Live to Tell About it,” might be a good informative article for those ready to go out there and pitch their stories.

Now the following blog was last week’s website of the week via I checked it out and I can totally see why. Eric is a script reader and consultant who shares many tips via Twitter. And tell me, who wouldn’t want tips by those who are in the business that we want to break into?

Lastly it is the article on “The Scoggins Report: 2012 Spec Market Scorecard.” I didn’t even know such a report existed! It shows what’s trending in Hollywood–script wise that is. It’s  a great resource for the writers trying to see what Hollywood is itching to buy.

It’s Not My Time

If I thought the challenge before was hard this doesn’t compare. At first I wanted to write around a relationship but as I started the writing process it took a different turn. I wasn’t thinking of writing this challenge the way it came out but it decided to keep it. I hope you enjoyed it.

This week’s 100 Word Challenge’s keyword is: …The Flame Flickered Before…

Dear, Diary

I love candles!

Not only do candles have a wonderful fragrance to them— sometimes even addictive. But what I find even more amazing is that once that flame is showering us with her brightness, she has to fight to keep it going. Which is why for such a small item the impact it has on people is interesting. There are times when I come to believe that my light has flickered for the last time but right before I give my last breath something inside me ignites because the flame flickered before but it’s not my time yet.


 Your comments are welcome!

I’m Excited!

All Rights Go To The Rightful Owner

Because I’m going to San Francisco!

Well for those of you who know I live in Southern California you might wonder why I’m  overjoy. Truth is 1) I haven’t being there and 2) ever since I started working I haven’t taking a vacation. Ever!

And no, I’m not kidding.

When I started  college I was a full-time student and worked retail. The usual college job. I would go out with friends though, so I had somewhat of a social life.


By my very loooong junior year, I started working as a teacher assistant (30 hours a week) and went to school full-time as well. I really didn’t have time to take a trip. Or was able to afford it.

When in school there is no such things as benefits and paid time off–unless you’re part of the lucky bunch and have an okay job.

There were a lot of things I limited myself to do that I regret, like studying abroad…


My boyfriend has been trying to change that and San Francisco will be our first trip. I realized though that as much as I would love to go to so many places (and I have many), I need to take baby steps because every time I think of trips the money sign pops out quite frequently.

So what I hope to accomplish first is to take the time to explore my very own backyard; quite frankly I don’t know it. I need to get out of the comfort zone that I set myself up to when I was in college.

And for that I’m excited.

But I am  curious, have any of you been in my shoes?

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P.S: I will take pictures to share and hopefully Twitter on my way up. 🙂

                   “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” ~ Andre Gide

Lost in Translation

Friday – Evening

Me: I’m going to sleep in tomorrow.

Bf: Good. You should.

Saturday – 7AM

Me: (Downloading a script to my Nook)

Bf: (Slightly awake) I thought you were going to sleep in…

Me: I am! I’m still laying down.

Nothing but a Vicious Cycle

This week on “100 Word Challenge” the keywords were: Liberty, Empire, Apple, Yellow, and Enormous. It was a challenge putting this in 100 words.

Comments are always welcome. :). Well, here it goes!

When I came inside the room I saw Tom looking out the window in thought. The view from his room was beautiful: The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty were visible— almost reachable.

“Am I disturbing?” I asked as I closed the door behind me.

No answer.

I then placed a plate with the yellow apples on the coffee table when Tom began, “As a country we have enormous power but what good is it if we can’t come to accept who we are as individuals.”

“But we are in the process.” I replied.

“Are we?” Tom questioned.

My Two Cents

I’ve been reading a few posts over the past few weeks regarding obtaining an M.F.A in Creative Writing. The one big questions that usually arises is, “Is it worth it?”

And my answer to that is, yes!

No, an M.F.A in Creative Writing does not mean job security. It does not mean getting yourself published as soon as you graduate. It actually does not bring a lot of what we wish it did. It only brings debt.


And I believe this is what’s truly meaningful in obtaining a writing degree.

An M.F.A showers you with knowledge. It helps your build your fundamentals. Sure you can purchase tons and tons of reference books and go by the trial-and-error method; but learning from professionals that are out there already. Being push by your professors to do your best. The lack of sleep. Coming to realize your true potential when you are dedicated and come to be reminded each and every day just how valuable this experience has been.

In a way you are one step closer to achieving your goal–even if that is still years away.

I know many will say, “Well, you can learn all of that without getting a degree.” And it might be true. Actually… it is true.

Yet the experience and the adventure you embark on while taking all those courses is just different. And believe me, I’m talking due to experience. I may not have my dream  job yet, but I know I will get there because I’m using the skills that were taught to me. The dots are there for me. They have been placed. I just need to connect them.

The degree isn’t getting you your dream job. It’s what you make of it that really matters. So if you get the opportunity to enroll in a writing program and you’re okay getting that additional debt under your belt.

Go for it.

Just don’t come to regret it or you will come to see it as a burden instead of a gift to yourself.

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“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”~ Chinese Proverb