Do You Dare Script Frenzy?

“Every word written is victory agains’t death.” ~ Michael Butor

I believe that Script Frenzy is a great way to push yourself into writing that script. You know… the one you’ve being dying to write but somehow haven’t had the time to write it.


And this is a very common bad habit among writers.

Getting started is a daunting process!

Staring at the white page in front of you that is waiting to be filled.  Your fingers hovering over the keyboard because that will miraculously start the writing process for you. Best of all inwardly screaming because all the ideas you had mysteriously vanished.

Just thinking about it  stresses me out.

But all is not lost. There are five days until Script Frenzy begins. There are five days to prepare. And truth be told, five days for a first draft should be enough. Actually it is enough prepping time.

The great thing about Script Frenzy is that you have plenty of months before the event to know who the characters in your story will be. What, where, and when, the story is taking place. Do the research. Have your inciting incident, PPI, and PPII ready. Know the beginning and ending to your story. And lastly, know how many pages you’ll write a day.

You see? Plenty of time.

But the reality is that’s usually not the case. So if you have decided to enter this year’s Script Frenzy and have nothing to go by, here are some tips:

Tip No. 1:

Know who your characters are – Do not worry if you don’t have all the details, let your characters do their thing. It’s your first draft.

Tip No.2

Know what your story is going to be about – This is essential in any story. Don’t see it as: it’s about a boy who meets this girl…

Tip No.3

Know the ending and beginning – If you don’t know how to end or begin your story you don’t really have a story.

Tip No.4

Know what your inciting incident, plot point I, and plot point II are. This is what helps the story flow smoothly. Make sure it’s in your notes.

Tip No.5

And I go by this.

Make sure to use index cards!  Have 15 index cards for Act I, 15 cards for Act II, and 15 cards for Act III. Use them as a guideline. Use them as scene cards.

Let’s take Act I as a basic example:

Since you know how your screenplay will begin, that idea will be written in no more than two sentences in an index card–making this into one scene (the first scene). Plot Point I is another index card, and the inciting incident scene is another. Leaving you only with 12 index cards left.

The 15 cards should be the 15 scenes in Act I and this goes for Act II and Act III as well.

Tip No.6

Write four pages a day for the next 30 days and you will be more than okay.

Now, if you want a little more help prepping for your big event, visiting the Script Frenzy website isn’t a bad idea. They have great resources. C’mon, give them a try! Here’s their link.

I do wish you all good luck on this big event and if you need a cheering team or some encouragement  feel free to contact me. Writing the first script is daunting but once the last page is written, a feeling of accomplishment will rush over you and that is priceless. But most importantly see this as your first draft and just go for it.

Until Next Time,



I’ve Been a WordPress Lurker Lately and not a Writer

                                    “The easiest thing to do is not write.” ~William Goldman 

I don’t have a real excuse for not posting lately– maybe the lack of inspiration or the fact that I lost my train of thought for a few weeks. One thing is certain, I’ve been neglecting blogging and gosh darn it that’s not a pleasant thing.

But of course this doesn’t mean I haven’t been productive at all (this is where I try to redeem myself).

I’ve been focusing on creating a character profile and backstory for one of my many characters for a graphic novel project. And I take character development seriously.

I have been using my white board to jot down ideas, birthday, likes/dislikes, and anything else that makes me think of the character I am focusing on. I mean there are times when that’s all I think about! Has that happened to you?

But I’m almost finish with one out of the many characters I need to work on… Gotta love procrastinating, right?

I have also been reading The Writer’s Journey:Mythic Structure For Writers by Christopher Vogler and it has made me a lot more aware about who my characters will be, what part they will play in the story, and where will they go. This book is an amazing eye opener and I recommend it. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

Ah, yes.

Before I forget, I was browsing through Syd Field’s website and found out that he has an App for the iPod Touch and iPad titled “Script Launcher.” I read about it and it’s basically helping with the process of creating the script. I am going to download it and share my experience with you all later. But for those who are interested please follow this  link, and if you try this App before I do please let me know!

Well I know I have more to tell, like how I’m going to crate train my soon-to-be two-year old dog or that I need to become more aware of my money since the boyfriend and I are considering on buying a home either this or next year. Too many experiences to record and I know that many of you have gone through the same adventures in your own ways.

Okay, I’m done rambling. I guess I’ve missed sharing with you all that now I just can’t stop typing. But before I forget, are any of you going to participate on the Script Frenzy event? I’m just curious.

Until Next Time,