Where I Share My Animated Writing Sample and Thoughts

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“The world is but a school of inquiry.” ~ Proverb

One is never too old for cartoons. Well, at least that’s what I think. I love animated series, and when I was younger I would create my own stories for my favorite series and share them with my siblings (they never complained so I guess they liked them!). And up to this day, I am a sucker for animated series and movies.

I also believe that it takes an adult that’s a kid at heart to write an animated series.

During my writing studies we had a course that had to do with animation. We had to pick an animated series, change the main character(s) to one of our originals, and create a story.

We had been taught the process of writing an animated scripts.

It wasn’t easy since the animated format is different, but I had fun. I also realized that I do want to write for animation, aside from other genres. Which is why I want to try my hardest to enter a writing fellowship for either Nickelodeon or Disney. I know I will be competing against some awesome writers, but like I have stated before, it’s time for me to put my work out there.

I decided to share my very short animated sample. It’s not a complete piece but it should give some of you an idea of what to do–if you are considering to follow a similar path. I’m no professional. I am only a student  helping other students.

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