Where I Tried to Write a One Panel Comic Scene

I love to read graphic novels and mangas but I just can’t draw. Even if my life dependent on it (isn’t that just sad!).  But I came up with this one panel scene, even though writing comics is new to me, and if I knew how to draw I would’ve sketched it.

Enjoy! And if you think you can draw it, I would love to see it.

A black and white splash. We see a park. We can tell it’s fall by the way the leafs are falling down due to the breeze. There’s a bench in the middle. BRENT, a bum, is laying down on it facing the sky. A newspaper is on his chest, but he’s sleeping.


1 CAP:
It’s not that I am a bum. The economy is just not helping me find a job.


Till next time,



A Day when my Imagination wouldn’t Stop

“Listen to the voices.” ~William Faulkner

Today was a day when my imagination was running wild. A few months I got an idea for a new script but because I was busy working on my thesis script, I actually placed it aside. I did write the idea down though. However, the more I neglect this new story, the more it comes to torment me (in a good way). Sure, call me crazy. I am after all a writer.

If that’s not enough, now that I have finally finished writing my thesis script, I am actually going to rewrite it. From another character’s point of view that is. Isn’t that the whole point of rewriting anyways?

After all, a script is not perfect– it’s a work in progress.

Besides, I feel that it will be better that way anyways. Call it a gut feeling. So now I have two different stories in my hands and it will go something like this: While I wait for my-now-protagonist to speak to me and tell me how the story should go, I will begin the research phase on my other story and this includes coming up with the bios.

I think I will be able to manage it, and now that I will be officially done with school I will have time to write and create.

Don’t you just love inspiration?

Till next time,




SAM, attractive and a aspiring writer, sits on the floor, her head resting on the wall. A bottle of wine and a cigarette box are her companions–both empty.

I believe that there’s a moment in everyone’s life were they have reached their limits.
 I think, I had just reached mines.
A SIGH escapes her. 
I like Lily Allen’s music and as I was listening to “Who’d Have Known,” this scene came to me. I appreciate feedback!
Till next time,

Where She Continues on Hunting

“The feature belongs to those who believe in the beauty 
of their dreams.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

I had an interview earlier this week, which felt good indeed, but it wasn’t what I had expected. It was researching over the phone. Yeah, I wouldn’t have mind it, if it was research using different means, but as I was sitting there, observing (part of the interview was to observe and see if it was right for me), it just didn’t feel right.

I want to be able to use my talents and be happy doing my work. It’s not that I’m picky. Believe me I’m not. I just need to keep on looking. I know I’m going to find something. I know so.

I can only look forward.

Till next time,


The Road of Uncertainty

“There is really nothing more to say–except why. But since why is difficult to handle, 
one must take refuge in how.”~ Toni Morrison

Ah, yes. It will be almost a month now since I’ve started looking for a new job. Yes, I’ve had the few opportunities to meet for an interview, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Yet, I know I’m not the only one. There are many of us who are looking for a new job. A new opportunity. I hope mine comes soon.

Hey, I need to stay optimistic.

I will say, it’s been hard to not go crazy or depressed. Especially when I start thinking about why it is that I still don’t have anything–when I start questioning everything.

If I could, I think I would’ve already pulled my hair out, out of mere frustration of course. Yet when I start reflecting, I can’t help but put a smile on my face. I have a family that supports me and encourages me. I have friends that always try to remind me of how smart and talented I am–maybe they are just being sweet but I am grateful–and I have a boyfriend that does all of the things I’ve mentioned and more.

Earlier today I told him just how happy I was for being with him, and truth be told, if I wasn’t with him and going out, even if it’s just for dinner, I would’ve gone crazy or depressed by now. Hmmm… I don’t think either one is good.

Yes, my world is full of uncertainties, and even my writing has been affected by the event, but I believe that somewhere down the road it will get better. I need to believe and think positive. Maybe this is one of the many lessons in life we have to learn from. Maybe.

Now I am aware I’m not the only one who feels this way; at least I hope so. Yes, it’s tough. Frustrating. Meaningless even, but we must remember things happen in life (all the time!) and we must stay strong. Maybe this road of uncertainty will soon make sense to me and to you.

Till next time,