Finished Character Development and Other News…

I will admit, this was one of those courses that by the end you are “I’m not taking this professor again” or “Let me know when you take this class so I can tell you who NOT to get as an instructor…” Frankly I didn’t like my professor’s method of teaching. Yes, I did learn a thing or two, so I guess the class did count for something, but other then that I disliked his choice of textbook and the way he came about the class. Personally I believe it had to do with the fact that his wife just gave birth to their first child and he wasn’t really there.

I mean, why not get a substitute? I think that would’ve worked better… just saying….

I am hoping my new class goes better… which starts tomorrow! :chuckles:

In Other News…

My sister and I will finally start a comic project we have been thinking about for a while now… so I am hoping to fix my schedule and make everything fit somehow…

 I see this as practice since in truth I want to work with animation and comics… that’s what I want to do…

A short entry (once again….) but I do hope to start writing more…

“please! don’t!”

Hmmm….. I hope that’s not what you are thinking… and if you are HA! sucks ’cause I will continue writing random stuff that you know… random and weird people tend to write about Tuzki Bunny Emoticon.

Till Next Time


Before I forget.. My Reading Now has been updated —–>


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