Finished Character Development and Other News…

I will admit, this was one of those courses that by the end you are “I’m not taking this professor again” or “Let me know when you take this class so I can tell you who NOT to get as an instructor…” Frankly I didn’t like my professor’s method of teaching. Yes, I did learn a thing or two, so I guess the class did count for something, but other then that I disliked his choice of textbook and the way he came about the class. Personally I believe it had to do with the fact that his wife just gave birth to their first child and he wasn’t really there.

I mean, why not get a substitute? I think that would’ve worked better… just saying….

I am hoping my new class goes better… which starts tomorrow! :chuckles:

In Other News…

My sister and I will finally start a comic project we have been thinking about for a while now… so I am hoping to fix my schedule and make everything fit somehow…

 I see this as practice since in truth I want to work with animation and comics… that’s what I want to do…

A short entry (once again….) but I do hope to start writing more…

“please! don’t!”

Hmmm….. I hope that’s not what you are thinking… and if you are HA! sucks ’cause I will continue writing random stuff that you know… random and weird people tend to write about Tuzki Bunny Emoticon.

Till Next Time


Before I forget.. My Reading Now has been updated —–>


About a Book and Nonsense

I know, I know… I haven’t post it anything, but I do have a good excuse! errr… okay, I don’t 
So what I wanted to write about today was the book I am reading for class this month, Heroes & Villains. I will admit,  I’m the type of person that will give a book a chance, but once it looses my interest I really don’t open it again. This was one of the books that lost my interest. I mean I read half of the book, but there were just parts that lost me, plus it had bits and pieces of theology (something I’m not interested in…) so maybe I was just being bias? I mean, we can’t all like the same thing right? Tuzki Bunny Emoticon 

Just saying…
About Nonsense  

So as I was driving to work this past week I started to reminiscing about my childhood, well parts of it :laughs: I don’t know about any of you, but when I was in elementary school, and it was vacation time my parents made us copy words from the dictionary and made us do one or two paragraphs on a country or animal we didn’t know about… Yup! my parents loved to buy those darn encyclopedias .
There were times when I personally hated it but it was challenging so maybe it was a 50-50 feeling. A love/hate relationship?
But now I see kids and well they don’t get challenged at home. One is lucky if they pick a book to read or if the parents make the kid pick a book to read. It’s just interesting how times have changed…
A short post but I do hope it was at least fun to read 🙂
Till next time,

So what’s your anthem for this year?

Many of us have started working on those darn New Year’s resolutions, some have began to work, others might need a little more time (well it does make sense you know…). This of course doesn’t mean we have to give up on them, it just means we might need to work a little harder and that’s fine…

But why not incorporate a song?

By having a song you might get inspire to reach your goal(s) :). This of course happened to me. Personally I am a YouTube fan, so I’m subscribe to a few users I like. One of them is Meghan Tonjes and she wrote This Year. When I first heard it, I was like “Wow! this is for me,” and well…  it become my anthem and you know what? I like it!

So do yourself a favor and find your anthem; you never know what you might accomplish.

Till next time,


So What School Do I Attend Anyways!

So as many of you can see, I’ve done a few changes to my blog. But the biggest one is somewhere on your right. I have placed a ‘Reading now’ and ‘I recommend’ column. The reason is because as readers and writers we should all share with each other some of our favorite books or comics as well as reference books that we go to when needed.

As many of you know, I am in the process of getting my Masters in Creative Writing online. So far I’ve had some ups and downs, but I am learning quite a lot. In fact I’ve been having many ‘AHA!’ moments and I’ve been enjoying them.

But what you don’t know is what school am I attending or how I get my books and such. Well I figure I let you all know today Tuzki Bunny Emoticon.

“Finally you are telling us!”

I know! I know! I’m sorry… :chuckles:

Anyhoo! I’m attending Full Sail University and it’s not the easiest. I’m in an accelerated program so every month I have a different course. The courses I have had so far are the following: 

  • The Art of Visual Storytelling 
  • Multimedia Terms and Genres
  • Literary Research (which is a pain!!!)

The one class I will begin on Monday is Character Creation and Development

The courses I have left in the program are:

  • Script Analysis and Criticism
  • Film Screenwriting and Storyboarding
  • Writing for Games (I like games =o)
  • Storytelling and Storyboarding for Animation
  • Editing for Film, Games, and Animation Scripts
  • Creative Writing Portfolio (Gah! I must have started on my script >_<)
  • Creative Writing Portfolio (I must have my script completed by now! )
  • The Business of Creative Writing

Yeah, it might be overwhelming since so much is required from us, but the instructors are always there for you and they are willing to hear you out and help you as well. 

For those of you who might have an idea about Full Sail know that it’s not cheap, but I see this as an investment. Besides this is like everything else… I need to sell my talent and let everyone know that I am capable of doing the work.

And believe me, in the small amount of time I’ve been here I have learned so much! 

As for textbooks, I get a shipment every month of the books I will need; of course some instructors prefer ebooks.

So far some of these books have been helpful, others have not made an impact, so I’m thinking of creating haul videos about the books I get each month or the books I personally get for fun and for reference reasons. There aren’t many of them on YouTube :laughs:

This is a long post as is, so I will break down why I chose the books I did on a following blog. So that’s all for today and wish you all a great week!

 Till next time,


Reminiscing on fanfiction

Have you ever had one of those moments when you begin to reminiscing about a particular subject and what not? Well I did not so long ago.

Even though fanfiction isn’t like by some writers of well known books, I personally appreciate it. In fact, fanfiction is what made me come back to writing.

Of course the first time I wrote fanfiction it wasn’t successful, but I didn’t give up and just kept on trying. I soon began to get reviews that said how they liked my stories and other reviews that said that I needed to keep on trying.

And I did.

A year a go I made this one particular 15 chapter fic for one of my favorite fandoms. I had my ups and downs; there were also times when I just wanted to drop the project, but knowing that there were readers out there waiting for my writing is what kept me going.

Once I had finished, I received a large amount of reviews (something I never had expected!) and some of those reviews are what encourage me to enroll in a creative writing program.

I guess in a way, fanfiction is what made me come back to writing. Well there is that, and also knowing that I have the support of my readers and fans.

Now that I look back I know for a fact that because of fanfiction I was able to find my writing voice and I was able to experiment with different writing styles; some worked, other’s didn’t. But the most important thing was that I had fun.

So I would like to say thank you to all my dearies out there that had been with me since the beginning and I hope I don’t disappoint you.

Till next time,


Looking Back

I suppose I  am a born novelist, for the things that I imagine are more vital and vivid to me than the things I remember.–Ellen Glasgow

2010 was an interesting year for me; it showed me what exactly it is that I needed to do and what path I needed to take…

Ever since I was young, my elementary teachers (my 5th grade teacher most of all) would always tell my parents that they should encourage me to continue on writing. I will admit, I did write interesting stories, but that’s because I really didn’t think my life was as exciting as the ones my classmates had.

Well, or so I thought.

Yeah, I was rather odd–I still am, but when I was young I was an introvert, and I preferred a good book  that would take me to far off lands or sit down and write on my journals and watch my stories unfold…

Of course I come from an artistic background so everyone was into music and arts, which till this days most of my relatives are, but not me… In fact, I wanted to be noncreative. I really don’t know why that was… but in the end, after taking the long path and not enjoying it, I came back to where I was once.

I came back to my writing.

So in a way, my New Year’s Resolution might consist of many goals, but the one thing I want to focus on the most is my writing.

Sure I’m not introvert anymore. In fact, I’m not who I was, but who I am now is what will help me on this path I have finally decided to take on. The one path I was avoiding for a few years now actually…

I have so much to learn, but that’s okay since I’m actually willing.

So 2011, I guess I’ve been waiting for you the most.

Wish you all a Happy New Year!