Happy Belated Thanksgiving and a Long Post on Books

:waves: Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I know I did! :grins:

I actually decided to just take it easy the past few days. All my deadlines for this week were moved to next Wednesday, but of course, I was diligent and did all my work.

I CAN’T get behind.

Although today, I went back to work-mode. One of my assignments was regarding dialogue.

Basically, I had to spend at least an hour in a particular place and listen to people’s conversation. If a dialogue caught my attention I needed to write it down. Now, I needed five of those, and well, we as human do have short attention span, so I found my own way of sustaining those dialogues. Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

It was interesting and I am considering on doing this again. As a writer (and this goes especially for those trying to become writers themselves), one NEEDS to pay close attention to the way people communicate with each other. Not everyone will speak the same, there are times when the environment determines the type of dialogue. 

For example:

If you are the type of person who hasn’t stepped into an Arts and Crafts store, by all means, go. Walk around for at least 30 minutes and just listen and observe. For many, this might sound like if we are stalking…but seriously… we are not. This, my fellow writer, will prep you for what is to come. It is after all, research, and every writer does this. I’m not kidding. 

So make sure you do your research.

On A Side Note

Yesterday I received:

I haven’t read DeathNote or PandoraHearts v.2 but I so DID read My Girlfriend’s a Geek. 

Seriously my dearies! I recommend MGG if all you need is a good laugh. 

So…what’s the story about?

Glad you asked. Basically PENTABU is a guy blogger who wrote about his relationship with a geek…well I should say, a Fujoshi geek. And even though it is hiarious, there are times when his girlfriend gets me upset. I mean, yay! he accepted your hobby, but give the guy a break :shakes head: 

Oh well, who am I to judge.

But for YOU to have a good laugh there are a few prerequisites:

  1. You are a fujoshi
  2. You know a fujoshi
  3. You know what fujoshi means
  4. You are/have dated a fujoshi
Do you meet any of them?
If you did… get the book!
If you didn’t…yeah…don’t bother… it won’t make sense. But if you want to give it a try, by all means.
But I did warn you….
Now yesterday I was browsing around…searching for BN discount coupons and I found one my friends :’D. A 30% off coupon! 30%!!!!!!!


So what did I get… I got this!!

I did go on a book shopping spree didn’t I? :sighs: oh well. As long as I have no regrets then its a-okay!

Till next time,



Change of Plans?!

:Sighs: Okay…so my story has just gone from a comic script to a might be movie script.


After writing that great logline I was proud of, I started to become doubtful of my thesis.

Was this the right idea?

Does it make sense?

Is my story interesting enough?

Are my characters interesting at all?

These were the types of thoughts going through my mind.

There was something about my idea I didn’t like. I have to admit, this particular idea was one I had written as a light-novel a few years ago. This is the one idea that made me want to make a comic. I guess, this is why I’ve been stubborn about it.

But I just didn’t know what to do.

I soon started to create proper bios for my characters, and after I finished writing them, I just stared at the computer—dissatisfied.

All I thought about at night was my characters and the story. It was bugging me!

Then today my instructor emailed me and she asked if this was a feature film idea. I’m like huh? what!?

:pulls hair out: Was I suppose to think of a future film? Did I misread something!


So I sat down again, stared at the screen again, went over some ideas again… till I finally called my instructor. Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Present Time

I have decided to focus on this one script that can become a a movie for television. This is an idea I pulled out from another script I created in another class.

My protagonist is the same but different at the same time. Does it make sense?

Anyways,  I think I’m finally ready to start the research. 🙂

Now you might be wondering… Hey Eva, what about the comic idea?

Well in the similar words but not so similar words of one of my favorite manga characters, I shall answer, “I will write and read scripts for a living, but writing comics, is nothing but a hobby I enjoy and hope to make money out of it too.”

Do you know where I got this from? Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

If you do please enlighten me in the most discreet way lol!

So I guess in other words….

:smiles: I will write a comic and my research will start in a few weeks… and believe me I AM determine about this, so please support me when that time comes to spread the word.

Well, that’s all I have for tonight.

Have a good one everyone!

Till next time,


Just One of Those Days

So today I sent my professor the logline for thesis. It took me a few hours to work on it, but I finally wrote it down. It does look promising so :keeps finger cross:

Now, my problem is that as I was writing my character bios for this one story, I was thinking of another story I want to work on. Ya, it’s a pain.


So basically at the moment, I’m considering my thesis to be a comic. So if any of my LJ friends are reading this…I might send an email and hope for somewhat of an interview. Of course I will explain why in the email so don’t worry :).

So once the logline was submitted and everything else was finish, I decided to create three character bios…yeah, I just finished the last bio :laughs: and so far they look okay.

I just hope my characters come to life and tell a story of their own.


This class is pure research. I still have to think of a place I want to go to and observe. Ya…I shall stalk a few people in a few days. All for information and dialogue :D.

I have no clue where to go though Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

And the research continues.

Hmm…now that I look back, this seems rather a boring post… Sorry ^^;;;

Guess, research is boring even when blogging about it.


I hope to bring great stuff next time!

Till then,


Is This Hyperventilation I’m feeling?

You know…I knew…I JUST knew it!

Knew what?

Well, that the deeper I get into the program, the more stress, the more sleep deprive I would get…

…..I was hesitant

But I did it anyways……

I logged on to the portal and looked.

Because of the Thanksgiving weekend, our first week’s assignments are due till December 1st. I should celebrate, no?

:face palm: I have so much work to do! And, and…

I need to send my professor a LOGLINE!Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

You guys know how much I’ve come to hate loglines, but she wants to know what our “thesis” will be and since the interview is this month.  (I have no idea how the interview will be done…all I know is that it is through a video.)  I need to prepare.

Plus, I have to start on my research. You know…go here and there. Do this and that <—– I still don't know what it is I have to do :laughs:


This will be an interesting month my friends….and to top it all off, some of my fellow peers have started to drop. Yeah, this is hardcore…

But I will fight and continue! So wish me luck!Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Till next time,


From MTG to Literary Research

And the transition begins!

I finally submitted the rewrite to my comic scene earlier tonight. Meaning, my Multimedia Terms and Genres course has officially ended!!Tuzki Bunny Emoticon  

But that just means that…Literary Research is about to begin…. well, Monday that is. I’m excited since what I’m about to learn will help me create the foundation to a strong story. I already received an email from my next professor and even though I haven’t read it thoroughly, I believe she wants us to tell her what it is we will focus for thesis. ALREADY!

:sighs: There is no rest… is there?

I received my books for this class though 😀

I SHOULD read… 
I think I could wait for Monday or late Sunday to begin :laughs:
Well that’s all I have for tonight everyone. I also want to thank everyone that has visited…once…twice…thrice…thank you! ^_^
Till next time,

Who Would’ve Thought!

As I mentioned previously (last post actually lol) we were all placed in three different groups to critique each others work, but with the luck I tend to have at times, I got placed in a group that has not, and I mean NOT picked up a comic before.

How Did I Find Out?

After we read all the scenes sent to us by all the group members we had to post our thoughts, suggestions, etc, on the Discussion Board. Now, my group was made of four ladies, myself included, and two guys. One didn’t send his scene, the other hasn’t read a comic, THAT was a shocker! I mean, how many guys don’t pick up a comic, at least once?

But what sort of hit was the reality that here in the U.S not many women read comics and if a woman writes a comic scene, guys will really somehow dislike it (well, not all guys). That’s something to keep in mind :).

Moving on…

But the downfall was that since no one in my group has read comics, all suggestions, were good, but there was something missing…

The opinion of someone who has actually read a comic. That was disappointing.

Now the good news is that I have a few friends, who HAVE read comics and mangas, so I sent them my scene for feedback purposes instead.

I need to revise my scene before the weekend is over for submission.


The things you learn in the world of screenwriting Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Till next time,


Slow Start Among Other Things

Believe it or not, today was an actual slow day…weird.

Did all my reading and I’m just waiting for the rest of my team to send me one of their scenes to get critique by me.

One of the Assignments

Basically our professor split us all into 3 groups. I’m in a class of 18 students :laughs: I SO didn’t know this. Anyhoo…we all had to submit one of the scenes to get critique by each and everyone in your team.

Critique is good, remember that.

Now the deadline to send the scene to everyone in your team was 11pm EST. Have I received all the scenes? Have I? Nope!
Yes, things happen but deadlines are deadlines and if you are going to work for the entertainment industry then YOU must be punctual my friend. UGH! some people.Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Moving Along….

Have any of you read Understanding Comics? Whether you want to make your own comics or just want to understand comics because you appreciate them, this is a great book. I recommend it :). I’m reading this at the moment, when time permits, and believe you me(yes, I intentionally wrote it like that lol)… it makes you look at comics differently. The best part? The book is a comic of it’s own, making it entertaining and informative at the same time. Best combination ever! I bought it at BN for around $17 or so, but I’m sure if you look around you might find it for less. Seriously. Check it out.


Okay, since I can’t draw I am thinking of searching for either a freelance illustrator or an art student to work on a project with me. It’s not a right away project, but a it-will-definitely-happen within the next few months; after I clean it up a bit of course. Pay? Hmm…I might be able, but it’s like low budget because it will be very short and it’s for a personal and portfolio reasons :). Other option is credit and IF and maybe IF possible and everything works out and I know its probable then hopefully working on it as a real project later on, but I can’t make any promises.

I guess this would be one of those “Hey! this can work out for both of us in the future!” type of thing. So for now, if you are a student and are trying to get something under your belt or a freelancer who would like to try a project, then definitely keep checking back.

I am also thinking of checking artists in DA. Hey, I’ve seen some of those works. AMAZING!

Unfortunately at the moment I can’t really get into detail, like I said, I’m still working on it, but it’s going to be kind of dark?

Well…that’s all I have for today.

Till next time,